The Erotic Blueprints are the maps to the unique ways that you access your turn-on. They are a map to understand your arousal and your partners. They provide new awareness, language, and tools for you to learn how to enrich your erotic life and supercharge your intimacy.

Having a coach work with you in this process is essential to shifting and changing dynamics that have been in place for years (even a lifetime, in some cases). Working with a coach will catalyze your capacity to make progress and make it more fun.

THANK YOU for facilitating such an enlivening session today. I was super nervous about attending but you made the whole experience so comfortable and safe just in the way you held space and managed the group’s energy. The content itself was really interesting but the quality of your presence is what made it so impactful and brought it all home. Thank you for that. 

This workshop for me was like going to another planet….I cannot believe how safe and comfortable and supported I felt. I spent so much time being nervous beforehand and it was wasted energy. The space that Elizabeth created was unbelievably safe and solid and that was present the entire weekend. So grateful! 

I am having a hard time even putting into words how transformative the weekend was.

Before this weekend I felt linear in my approach and understanding of sexuality and intimacy and now I have been opened up to a bigger understanding of how deep sexuality can be and have a better vocabulary to express and explain my needs and desires. 

Before this class I was unable to articulate sexual preference and desire and expected my partner to read my mind and now I am more comfortable accessing and articulating my needs and complexities.
–Carol Anne

Your Coach Elizabeth Carrington


Elizabeth Carrington is a Master Certified Coach and has been coaching for over 22 years and is one of the first coaches in the world certified as an Erotic Blueprint Coach. 

Elizabeth discovered the Erotic Blueprints and found them to be the most incredible hack into one’s depth of understanding of themselves as an erotic being. 

Elizabeth works with couples who are deeply devoted to one another in life, but feeling a desire for more erotic connection and feeling stuck in how to create that. Learning the Erotic Blueprints in a warm, safe setting away from the stressors of day-to-day life has been gamechanging for so many couples. You invest in your children, your home, your career, your wardrobe—isn’t it time to invest in your intimate life?