The Erotic Blueprints are the maps to the unique ways that you access your turn-on. They are a map to understand your arousal and your partners. They provide new awareness, language, and tools for you to learn how to enrich your erotic life and supercharge your intimacy.

Having a coach work with you in this process is essential to shifting and changing dynamics that have been in place for years (even a lifetime, in some cases). Working with a coach will catalyze your capacity to make progress and make it more fun.

“I cannot believe the impact of these Blueprints on our sex life. This took it to new depths that neither of us could have imagined. We both feel more alive, more connected, more sexy together, more accepted for all of our desires, and so immensely grateful to you for introducing us to this work.”
–Lou–New Hampshire

“Elizabeth’s workshop reconnected me with my passion and turn-on. By the end of the night, I was in bliss. I don’t know when I’ve had that much fun in my body!”
–Maria Merloni, MSW, Tantric Educator–MA

Your Coach Elizabeth Carrington

Elizabeth Carrington is a Master Certified Coach and has been coaching for over 22 years and is one of the first coaches certified as an Erotic Blueprint Coach.

She discovered these Blueprints when she realized she was stuck in how she related to her lovers and was determined to shift her own experience in the realm of intimacy. It didn’t take long for her to learn and apply these blueprints and she immediately started working with other clients who shared similar challenges.

In all of her years of coaching, she has never found anything more effectively at helping people shift their dynamics in such a meaningful way.